Most Efficient Solar Panels in 2021

The most imperative thing to consider when taking the plunge into solar energy for your home is
the solar panel efficiency. The efficiency of the solar panels is what will determine the amount of
energy your home can produce from the panels, and ultimately will determine your electric bill.

So, a question you might have right now is how is solar panel efficiency determined?

To put it simply, the amount of sunlight that hits the solar panel and can be converted into
electricity determines the panel’s efficiency. The larger the amount of convertible sunlight the
panel receives, the more solar energy you have to use. This allows for increased electricity use
powered through the solar energy panel system.

Solar technology has drastically improved over the years; not only cost-wise but efficiency wise
too! While solar has decreased in price over the years, it has gotten more efficient than ever. If
you buy solar today, you are not only saving more, you are getting higher efficiency panels to
save you even more money!

Orange County Solar provides solar panels up to 21% and higher efficiency, which is on the
highest end of residential solar energy panel efficiency. These are considered premium high
efficiency solar energy panels.


Orange County Solar uses Panasonic Solar energy panels, which are considered highest
quality panels on the market today. The Panasonic EverVolt Total Home Energy System
produces industry-leading module efficiency up to 21.2%, making it the most efficient solar
panel available for residential homeowners in California.

Panasonic Solar energy panels allow for maximum power with a lower amount of roof space
needed for the actual panels. The panels are backed by an Allguard warranty for 25 years, and
will still produce up to 92% of their capacity at the end of their warranty – the best in the industry.
Our solar warranties are simply the best, ensuring repairs to protect your solar system, maintain
efficiency and performance, and also include all the necessary labor costs.

Orange County Solar is a Premium Authorized Installer for Panasonic Solar products and is the
preferred Panasonic Partner in Orange County. All of our products are backed by the Panasonic
guarantee. These panels are the most efficient residential panels on the market today, produce
the highest conversion of energy to power your electricity, and ultimately save you the most
money on your electric bill. If you are looking for the best solar energy panels out there,
consider getting a free quote online from Orange County Solar by visiting us at the link below.