Why So Many Homeowners Are Switching to Solar

The concept of switching to solar is becoming wildly popular with homeowners in Orange
County. There are numerous reasons, with the main one being a huge money-saver, for which it is a positive and beneficial decision all-around when going solar. Everyday homeowners are gaining control of their power and are getting residential solar energy panels installed on their homes. Find out why…

5 Reasons Homeowners Should Go Solar:

1. Going Solar Saves You Money on Bills

Solar reduces your electric bill by pulling energy from the sun and converting it to energy you can use in your home. It allows you to control your energy use on your terms, which saves money you spend on receiving power from the utility companies. You also lock in the rising utility rate which can save money due to inflation. If you install a large enough solar system to power all your energy needs, you have the ability to entirely eliminate your electric bill.

2. Solar Is Good For the Environment

Installing solar energy panels with OC Solar not only saves you money on your electric bill, but it also has positive benefits for the environment. Solar is green energy and helps the environment mainly because it reduces carbon emissions in the atmosphere and reduces the dependency on fossil fuels. This can reduce the negative impacts associated with global warming. Solar energy panels can help fight climate change and improve the quality of the air over time. Join the many homeowners who want to reduce their carbon footprint, improve the environment, and consider going solar today with Orange County Solar

3. Energy Produced By Solar is Sustainable and Renewable

When you install solar panels on your home, you are acquiring a source for sustainable and renewable energy for your home. Solar reduces the dependency homeowners in Orange County have for nonrenewable energy sources. Solar power is the definition of a renewable energy source, as it can endure and produce indefinitely. The power of the sun is what powers solar power, so the energy source is cyclical and has positive benefits for both the homeowner and the environment in long-term senses.

4. Easy Financing and Payment Terms

While solar might seem like a costly expense at first, it is truly invaluable for the positive impacts it has on the environment, your control of energy you use, and also pays for itself in the long-run with all the savings on electricity you will acquire. Going solar is a simple process with Orange County Solar. We have a team of solar installation experts ready to assist you with determining the type and number of panels required for your project in one simple call! We help with HOA compliance rules, permitting, project management, installation, services and repairs/warranties.

We offer low-interest financing as low as 1.99% with no payment for up to 6 months on approved customers. We are here to help you get approved and get your home installed with green solar energy from Orange County’s most reliable and leading solar company, OC Solar

5. Solar Increases the Overall Value of Your Home

A residential solar PV system can drastically improve the value of your home once installed. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has a study that states most homes with solar panels sold 20 percent faster than those without solar panels. In addition, homes with a 3.1 kW system add $17,000 to their value (average). Orange County Solar is Southern California’s best solar company and provides outstanding services and solar installations for you to enjoy your solar system for decades to come.