While clean energy seems like a bandwagon everyone is jumping aboard, it is not just a trend.There are many factors for which clean energy is taking over traditional power plants and replacing them with renewable energy sources.

Why are so many people switching to solar, you may ask. California homeowners are switching their power sources daily by getting solar energy panels installed on their homes. The reason this movement is becoming so popular is because of the many benefits solar energy has on the environment and for its users.

California’s electric prices are some of the highest in the country. Many customers in Southern California pay up to 80% more per kilowatt-hour than the national average. So Cal Edison has rates up to 40% more than the national average, and San Diego Electric is 50% more than the average. Even low-income families in California enrolled in alternative energy programs are paying more than the national average.

But the question you still may have is, why are the electric prices so high in California?

One of the main reasons that electricity is so expensive in California is the size of the state. The costs are mostly “fixed” and include the maintenance,generation, and transmission of the electric system. It also includes the costs of operations for many public programs like wildfire mitigation. Instead of the costs varying depending on individual residential consumption, over 60% of the costs of our electricity is used to off set the costs of maintaining these public programs.

Because lower-income families do not typically use as much power as wealthier families, they also end up with a disproportionate share of the cost.Electric costs continue to rise for this shrinking customer base who rely solely on electrical power plants. For this reason, families across California are switching to solar energy everyday.

By switching to solar energy, consumers can save up to $45,000 in their lifetime. Solar energy is powered from the sun. Solar energy is the transformation of heat conducted into energy. It has been used for thousands of years to conduct many operations.Some of these uses include heating, cooking, and drying. While solar energy is produced by the process of using the sun’s energy to power electricity, it also is a very important factor in maintaining the ability to produce(and sustain cost) of the energy in your home.

As solar becomes more popular throughout California and most of the world, the prices are dropping on the overall cost of solar energy panels.System system prices have fallen over the years for residential homeowners in Orange County.The success of solar is also determined by the solar energy panel installers’ accuracy. Orange County Solar provides premium quality solar energy panel installation at an affordable price.We use our Project Managers and Engineers to determine the best possible setup and solution for your solar energy system. If you are an Orange County homeowner looking to save money on electric bills, consider going solar with the best solar company in Orange County, OC Solar.