Solar energy panels can be an excellent solution when considering the positive effects it has on homeowners. Although solar may seem like an expense at first, it actually pays for itself and more over the years! Also considering the initial cost, there are many low-payment financing solutions and tax credit relief options that allow the purchase to be very affordable. Orange County Solar offers some of the lowest rate financing on the market, with tax credit options and no money down on some solar loans!

Solar energy installation is a very smart and financially responsible decision that any homeowner could make. If you live in Orange County or surrounding areas like Los Angeles and Inland Empire, are a single family homeowner, and are looking to reduce the costs of electric bills and other expenses, solar energy panel installation could be a great decision for your household. By installing solar energy panels, you can reduce and entirely eliminate your electric bill. Solar energy panels absorb energy from the sun, limiting the necessity of traditional electrical power consumption. The energy stored in the solar panels are then converted to transmittable energy that your devices can use. By getting freedom from traditional power companies, Orange County homeowners can alleviate most of the bills associated with those power companies, too.

You may be wondering, I know a little bit about solar energy panels, but what does a solar battery do, and what is its purpose? A solar battery is reassurance you will never go without power. While solar energy panels serve the purpose of collecting the energy from the sun, solar battery systems “backup” and store that energy for use anytime. This means that if there is a power outage, blackout, or solar panel malfunction, you are still covered with power.

Orange County Solar is the largest Panasonic Solar energy panel installer in Orange County. We service the surrounding areas with both solar panel and solar battery services including LA and Riverside County. We provide the most premium solar energy panel services, including the Panasonic EverVolt series. We offer the Panasonic EverVolt Total Home Energy System, which includes both solar energy panels, solar installation and service, and home solar battery with warranty and maintenance. Our solar energy panels and battery systems are some of the highest grade solar equipment in the country, and we pride ourselves on providing homeowners the best solar installation and service in Southern California.

Whether you are looking to reduce your electric bills, are looking for another way to protect the planet, or simply want to be free of traditional electric companies and produce your own power, Orange County Solar has a solution for you! We are the best solar company in Orange County, and provide you an alternative to power. Power from the sun, that is. Go solar today!