When California homeowners are considering going solar in the future, they may inquire about when is the best time of year to install solar energy panels. Would it make the most sense to install solar panels during the hot summer months when the sunshine is the most, or would it be the best idea to install them in Spring before the heat hits?

In actuality, there is no best time of year to have solar energy panels installed. We at Orange County Solar provide quality installation services that have a lifetime over over 25 years – that’s why our solar panels can be installed in rain, snow, or shine!

Solar Installed in Each Season:

Spring – Spring has much more moderate conditions than winter, summer, or fall, so that presents an opportunity for easier panel installation due to the temperate weather conditions. The Spring solar install also provides preparation for a homeowner’s solar energy panels to collect as much energy as possible during the upcoming hotter summer months.

Summer – The sun is known to usually generate the most power and emit the hottest temperatures compared to all the other seasons in the summer. This allows for maximum energy collection by your solar panels – which means more power for you to use! Orange County Solar provides a variety of solar panel wattages and brands and will install them properly according to the California location the homeowner resides in, as well as the weather factors surrounding their home.

Fall – Fall is an excellent time for getting solar installed by Orange County Solar, because the rush from the homeowners purchasing in the summertime has slowed down. This creates shorter wait time and a faster approval process.

Winter – Although California does not often get snow, it certainly can happen. Most snowy regions, unlike Southern California, are common and despite the thick snowfall, homeowners’ solar energy panels will still function! When a homeowner has a solar battery installed with Orange County Solar in addition to solar panels, the owner can store energy in the winter months to use for additional electrical needs in the summer, such as AC!

Whether rain, snow, or shine, Orange County Solar has a homeowner’s perfect solar panel solution. We provide services throughout Orange County and surrounding areas, such as Los Angeles, Inland Empire, and San Diego County.