What Does A Solar Battery Do?

Solar energy panels can be an excellent solution when considering the positive effects it has on homeowners. Although solar may seem like an expense at first, it actually pays for itself and more over the years! Also considering the initial cost, there are many low-payment financing solutions and tax credit relief options that allow the purchase to be very affordable. Orange County Solar offers some of the lowest rate financing on the market, with tax credit options and no money down on some solar loans!

Solar energy installation is a very smart and financially responsible decision that any homeowner could make. If you live in Orange County or surrounding areas like Los Angeles and Inland Empire, are a single family homeowner, and are looking to reduce the costs of electric bills and other expenses, solar energy panel installation could be a great decision for your household. By installing solar energy panels, you can reduce and entirely eliminate your electric bill. Solar energy panels absorb energy from the sun, limiting the necessity of traditional electrical power consumption. The energy stored in the solar panels are then converted to transmittable energy that your devices can use. By getting freedom from traditional power companies, Orange County homeowners can alleviate most of the bills associated with those power companies, too.

You may be wondering, I know a little bit about solar energy panels, but what does a solar battery do, and what is its purpose? A solar battery is reassurance you will never go without power. While solar energy panels serve the purpose of collecting the energy from the sun, solar battery systems “backup” and store that energy for use anytime. This means that if there is a power outage, blackout, or solar panel malfunction, you are still covered with power.

Orange County Solar is the largest Panasonic Solar energy panel installer in Orange County. We service the surrounding areas with both solar panel and solar battery services including LA and Riverside County. We provide the most premium solar energy panel services, including the Panasonic EverVolt series. We offer the Panasonic EverVolt Total Home Energy System, which includes both solar energy panels, solar installation and service, and home solar battery with warranty and maintenance. Our solar energy panels and battery systems are some of the highest grade solar equipment in the country, and we pride ourselves on providing homeowners the best solar installation and service in Southern California.

Whether you are looking to reduce your electric bills, are looking for another way to protect the planet, or simply want to be free of traditional electric companies and produce your own power, Orange County Solar has a solution for you! We are the best solar company in Orange County, and provide you an alternative to power. Power from the sun, that is. Go solar today!

Utility Costs Are Rising While Solar Costs Are Falling

While clean energy seems like a bandwagon everyone is jumping aboard, it is not just a trend.There are many factors for which clean energy is taking over traditional power plants and replacing them with renewable energy sources.

Why are so many people switching to solar, you may ask. California homeowners are switching their power sources daily by getting solar energy panels installed on their homes. The reason this movement is becoming so popular is because of the many benefits solar energy has on the environment and for its users.

California’s electric prices are some of the highest in the country. Many customers in Southern California pay up to 80% more per kilowatt-hour than the national average. So Cal Edison has rates up to 40% more than the national average, and San Diego Electric is 50% more than the average. Even low-income families in California enrolled in alternative energy programs are paying more than the national average.

But the question you still may have is, why are the electric prices so high in California?

One of the main reasons that electricity is so expensive in California is the size of the state. The costs are mostly “fixed” and include the maintenance,generation, and transmission of the electric system. It also includes the costs of operations for many public programs like wildfire mitigation. Instead of the costs varying depending on individual residential consumption, over 60% of the costs of our electricity is used to off set the costs of maintaining these public programs.

Because lower-income families do not typically use as much power as wealthier families, they also end up with a disproportionate share of the cost.Electric costs continue to rise for this shrinking customer base who rely solely on electrical power plants. For this reason, families across California are switching to solar energy everyday.

By switching to solar energy, consumers can save up to $45,000 in their lifetime. Solar energy is powered from the sun. Solar energy is the transformation of heat conducted into energy. It has been used for thousands of years to conduct many operations.Some of these uses include heating, cooking, and drying. While solar energy is produced by the process of using the sun’s energy to power electricity, it also is a very important factor in maintaining the ability to produce(and sustain cost) of the energy in your home.

As solar becomes more popular throughout California and most of the world, the prices are dropping on the overall cost of solar energy panels.System system prices have fallen over the years for residential homeowners in Orange County.The success of solar is also determined by the solar energy panel installers’ accuracy. Orange County Solar provides premium quality solar energy panel installation at an affordable price.We use our Project Managers and Engineers to determine the best possible setup and solution for your solar energy system. If you are an Orange County homeowner looking to save money on electric bills, consider going solar with the best solar company in Orange County, OC Solar.

Why So Many Homeowners Are Switching to Solar

Why So Many Homeowners Are Switching to Solar

The concept of switching to solar is becoming wildly popular with homeowners in Orange
County. There are numerous reasons, with the main one being a huge money-saver, for which it is a positive and beneficial decision all-around when going solar. Everyday homeowners are gaining control of their power and are getting residential solar energy panels installed on their homes. Find out why…

5 Reasons Homeowners Should Go Solar:

1. Going Solar Saves You Money on Bills

Solar reduces your electric bill by pulling energy from the sun and converting it to energy you can use in your home. It allows you to control your energy use on your terms, which saves money you spend on receiving power from the utility companies. You also lock in the rising utility rate which can save money due to inflation. If you install a large enough solar system to power all your energy needs, you have the ability to entirely eliminate your electric bill.

2. Solar Is Good For the Environment

Installing solar energy panels with OC Solar not only saves you money on your electric bill, but it also has positive benefits for the environment. Solar is green energy and helps the environment mainly because it reduces carbon emissions in the atmosphere and reduces the dependency on fossil fuels. This can reduce the negative impacts associated with global warming. Solar energy panels can help fight climate change and improve the quality of the air over time. Join the many homeowners who want to reduce their carbon footprint, improve the environment, and consider going solar today with Orange County Solar

3. Energy Produced By Solar is Sustainable and Renewable

When you install solar panels on your home, you are acquiring a source for sustainable and renewable energy for your home. Solar reduces the dependency homeowners in Orange County have for nonrenewable energy sources. Solar power is the definition of a renewable energy source, as it can endure and produce indefinitely. The power of the sun is what powers solar power, so the energy source is cyclical and has positive benefits for both the homeowner and the environment in long-term senses.

4. Easy Financing and Payment Terms

While solar might seem like a costly expense at first, it is truly invaluable for the positive impacts it has on the environment, your control of energy you use, and also pays for itself in the long-run with all the savings on electricity you will acquire. Going solar is a simple process with Orange County Solar. We have a team of solar installation experts ready to assist you with determining the type and number of panels required for your project in one simple call! We help with HOA compliance rules, permitting, project management, installation, services and repairs/warranties.

We offer low-interest financing as low as 1.99% with no payment for up to 6 months on approved customers. We are here to help you get approved and get your home installed with green solar energy from Orange County’s most reliable and leading solar company, OC Solar

5. Solar Increases the Overall Value of Your Home

A residential solar PV system can drastically improve the value of your home once installed. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has a study that states most homes with solar panels sold 20 percent faster than those without solar panels. In addition, homes with a 3.1 kW system add $17,000 to their value (average). Orange County Solar is Southern California’s best solar company and provides outstanding services and solar installations for you to enjoy your solar system for decades to come.

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need?

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need?

If you’re wondering how many solar energy panels you need to power your home when switching to solar, you are asking the right question! There are a multitude of factors and this question can actually be broken down into 4 major questions.

  • How much solar power do I need?
    • Looking at the monthly average of your utility bills will determine this question’s answer. In order to find this out, you can multiply your hourly energy use by the sunlight time and divide that by the solar panel’s wattage.
    • If you decide to work with Orange County Solar, our professional plan engineers will calculate all this for you upon site inspection. We can even get the general idea of how many solar panels you will need with just a few pieces of information over the phone!
  • How many watts of electricity do I use?
    • Kilowatt-hours or “kWh” can be seen on your electric bill. You need daily and hourly wattage calculations to be able to determine how much solar panel energy you will need, so if your bill does not display this, you may need to do some averaging and calculations of your yearly bill. The average home in California uses 557 kWh per month, which is about 33% less than the rest of the country.
    • Your daily average electricity usage is the target to calculate your solar needs. This is the number of kWh needed to keep you covered with your new solar energy system.
    • Orange County Solar is great in assisting with measuring your daily, weekly, and yearly electric use. We provide this service to anyone interested in switching to solar with us. We are just a call away!
  • How Many Hours of Sunlight Does Your Home Get?
    • The number of hours the sunlight directs hits your home’s roof determines the number of panels you will need. If you live in an extremely sunny area like Cypress, CA, you would probably require fewer panels than someone who lives very close to the beach fog, like Seal Beach. The Seal Beach homeowner would require more panels to produce the same amount of energy due to less amount of direct sunlight.
    • Based on your location, Orange County Solar rest assured will formulate a site plan to get you the most efficiency out of your solar, and calculate the number of solar energy panels needed to do so.
  • What is the difference between solar panel sizes?
    • Depending on your roof style and tile shape, will affect the size of the solar panels installed on your home. With smaller and more unusual roofs, it is sometimes more difficult to plan solar properly. Roofs on large square footage properties will require larger and more efficient solar panels to power the home.
    • The average residential solar energy panel has dimensions of 5.5’ by 2.25’, with some variation amongst manufacturers. Regardless of the size, the most efficient solar panels on the market today are Panasonic Solar panels. OrangeCounty Solar is the leading Panasonic installer in Southern California and stands by their quality.

OC Solar provides premium solar services and installations to Orange County and surrounding areas of the Inland Empire, Los Angeles,and San Diego Counties. If youare looking for solar site plans to determine thebest type, size, and placement of yoursolar panels, give Orange County Solar a call today!

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Most Efficient Solar Panels in 2021

Most Efficient Solar Panels in 2021

The most imperative thing to consider when taking the plunge into solar energy for your home is
the solar panel efficiency. The efficiency of the solar panels is what will determine the amount of
energy your home can produce from the panels, and ultimately will determine your electric bill.

So, a question you might have right now is how is solar panel efficiency determined?

To put it simply, the amount of sunlight that hits the solar panel and can be converted into
electricity determines the panel’s efficiency. The larger the amount of convertible sunlight the
panel receives, the more solar energy you have to use. This allows for increased electricity use
powered through the solar energy panel system.

Solar technology has drastically improved over the years; not only cost-wise but efficiency wise
too! While solar has decreased in price over the years, it has gotten more efficient than ever. If
you buy solar today, you are not only saving more, you are getting higher efficiency panels to
save you even more money!

Orange County Solar provides solar panels up to 21% and higher efficiency, which is on the
highest end of residential solar energy panel efficiency. These are considered premium high
efficiency solar energy panels.


Orange County Solar uses Panasonic Solar energy panels, which are considered highest
quality panels on the market today. The Panasonic EverVolt Total Home Energy System
produces industry-leading module efficiency up to 21.2%, making it the most efficient solar
panel available for residential homeowners in California.

Panasonic Solar energy panels allow for maximum power with a lower amount of roof space
needed for the actual panels. The panels are backed by an Allguard warranty for 25 years, and
will still produce up to 92% of their capacity at the end of their warranty – the best in the industry.
Our solar warranties are simply the best, ensuring repairs to protect your solar system, maintain
efficiency and performance, and also include all the necessary labor costs.

Orange County Solar is a Premium Authorized Installer for Panasonic Solar products and is the
preferred Panasonic Partner in Orange County. All of our products are backed by the Panasonic
guarantee. These panels are the most efficient residential panels on the market today, produce
the highest conversion of energy to power your electricity, and ultimately save you the most
money on your electric bill. If you are looking for the best solar energy panels out there,
consider getting a free quote online from Orange County Solar by visiting us at the link below.



How Much Can I Save With Solar Panels?

How Much Can I Save With Solar Panels?

Solar energy panels not only help with helping the environment, they also have the benefit of saving you money on electric bills over time.

The real question is: does installing solar panels actually save you money?

The simplest answer to this question is: YES! However, how much money you actually save depends on several factors.

Some of the factors that solar savings is dependent upon includes the amount of sunlight your panels receive everyday. The angle of your roof at which the panels are installed, the type and efficiency of the panels, and your local electricity rates are also contributing factors.

The first step to fully understanding the savings you will receive by switching to solar is to calculate the amount of money you are spending annually on your electric bills. The average rate of energy usage for a resident in California is around 557 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per month, which is about 6,684 kWh per year. The average cost of residential electricity is about 19.2 cents per kilowatt-hour, putting an average California around $1,283.33 per year spent on their electric bill.

Another factor is the utility rates increasing with time. Every year, the electric rates increase by an average of 2.2% per year. For this reason, many homeowners are switching to solar with Orange County Solar not only to save energy and money, but also to lock in their current utility rates. Orange County Solar provides high-efficiency solar panels that allows Southern California homeowners to save and entirely eliminate their electric bill over time.

The efficiency of each solar installation depends on the quality and wattage of the solar energy panels installed on the home. Orange County Solar is a Premium Panasonic Solar Installer and the preferred partner for Panasonic. Panasonic solar panels and battery systems are the most efficient panels on the market today; they produce the maximum energy and are capable of absorbing and converting more sunlight comparable to other solar panel products.

Another benefit of the savings you will receive by going solar is that the energy you do not use immediately is sent to the grid (electric company) and you might be able to receive credits on your electric bill in exchange. Over time, this can reduce and entirely eliminate your electric bill, of course considering you are not overusing the capacity of the solar system you had installed. You may have a small payment due at the end of the year from the electric company, which is simply just to have the power on in your home. However, your monthly electric bill can be reduced entirely over time with the proper number of panels installed on your home by Orange County Solar.

While financial incentives are the greatest factor for most homeowners to switch to solar, there also is a huge positive impact it can have on the environment as well. When you have solar

energy panels installed on your home, you can reduce your carbon footprint. This simply means you are contributing to the health of the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

What exactly are greenhouse gas emissions? A greenhouse gas is a gas that absorbs and emits energy with the thermal infrared range, which causes the greenhouse effect. This can cause climate change by trapping heat in the environment. Greenhouse gases also have a harmful effect on human health, causing respiratory diseases from the smog and air pollution and many other health concerns.

Regardless of whether you are concerned for your financial savings, health, or the environmental factors, solar energy panels will have a positive impact on your life. You can save the environment by saving energy, which in turn saves YOU money! Solar energy panel installation by Orange County is truly a win-win for everyone.

Orange County Solar Installation: Who Are We?

Orange County Solar Installation has become one of the most trusted suppliers of solar energy in Orange County, the Inland Empire, and the greater Los Angeles area. Our business began in 2016 by Vince Curcie, whose passion for construction and renewable energy led him to take a leap into the booming solar industry.

Today, Orange County Solar Installation is one of the top suppliers in the county, offering top-quality residential solar energy products as well as a variety of renewable energy services at the most competitive prices in the market. We provide homeowners the option to produce energy in their own home through solar. We are the leading solar energy panel installer in the county and truly stand by our work.

The cornerstone of our business has been our relationship with our customers. We go out of our way to give you the very best solar product options, prices, education, and service so that you can focus on your personal life and feel secure knowing that your home will be a dependable source of sustainable energy for decades to come.

When you choose Orange County Solar Installation, you can rest assured knowing you’ll receive the highest quality and absolute value for your money. We are a Panasonic Authorized Installer and our Panasonic Solar panels are the most efficient panels available on the market today. They produce maximum energy efficiency and have a 25 year backed warranty. Our goal is to provide you the best solar energy panel installation experience possible while providing you the knowledge needed to keep your solar system running at its highest efficiency for many years.

Our solar energy panels have the capability of reducing, and even entirely eliminating your electric bill. Going solar has many benefits including decreasing your monthly utility bill, increasing the overall value of your home or business, and some great federal tax incentives. Californians are eligible for a federal investment tax credit when purchasing and installing the solar photovoltaic systems offered by OrangeCounty Solar Installations.

Orange County Solar takes care of the work so you can use your own home’s power and truly enjoy your solar system. Our sales team thoroughly explores your solar needs and tailors a custom solution for your review. Our Project Manager is available throughout the entire process of the install, from quote to completion. We have a team of experienced solar engineers that perform site-specific engineering analysis to properly evaluate the requirements of your solar install. Our team of solar experts also handles the permitting process in compliance with local/city rules. We also offer a range of competitive financing solutions to meet your needs.

Convert sunlight into energy and save with Orange County Solar. Working with orange County Solar Installation simply means working with the best. We guarantee you won’t need – or want – any other solar installation company!

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Orange County Solar Installation has become one of the most trusted suppliers of Solar Energy in Orange County and the greater Los Angeles area. Our business began in 2016 by Vince Curcie, whose passion for construction and renewable energy led him to take a leap into the booming Solar industry. Today, Orange County Solar Installation is one of the top suppliers in the County, offering only top quality products as well as a variety of renewable energy services at the most competitive prices in the market.

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